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precise soft tissue therapeutic treatment robot


[ Jan 2024 ]: Launch of EMMA 7 and EMMA 7 Pro robot in Singapore, China, and the US market.

[ Feb 2023 ]: EMMA's product evaluation in the US and RCT planning in Singapore.


[ 2022 ]: Completion of a multi-million Series A funding round; planning for Series A+ fundraising.

[ 2020-2023 ]: Continuous development of EMMA, focusing on integrating medical expertise with robotics.

​[ Since 2019 ]: Deployment of over EMMA units in Singapore, China, and the US.


AiTreat is the most established company worldwide that is developing commercial soft tissue massage treatment robots.


Through conducting research on medicine and robotics, our company designs and integrates medical robots to assist physicians in providing therapeutic care to patients.


With our innovations, we strive to increase the productivity of physicians and to provide patients with effective treatments tailored to precision and consistency.

About AiTreat
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