Jian S Dai



Chair of Mechanisms and Robotics

Advanced Kinematics and Reconfigurable Robotics Group

Centre for Robotics Research

School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

King’s College London




Professor Jian S. Dai, CEng, ASME Fellow, IEEE Fellow, RSA Fellow and IMechE Fellow, is Chair of Mechanisms and Robotics and a pioneer in reconfigurable mechanisms and robots, in origami robots, in ankle rehabilitation robots and in metamorphic robots. He established the field of reconfigurable mechanisms and the sub-field of metamorphic mechanisms in robotics, a concept that could bridge the gap between versatile but expensive robots, and efficient but non-flexible machines, and their applications to health, home and manufacture.


Professor Dai is the recipient of two lifelong achievement awards that include 2020 ASME Machine Design Award that is the top award of ASME Design Engineering Division (DED) and 2015 ASME Mechanisms and Robotics Award. He also received 2010 Overall Supervisory Excellence Award by King’s College London, 2012 ASME Outstanding Service Award, 2012 Mechanisms Innovation Award, the 2018 Crossley Award, the 2019 AT Yang Award in Theoretical Kinematics and many best paper awards.


Professor Dai has published over 550 peer-reviewed papers, 8 authored books with citation over 12000 (h-index=55) including a manograph on Kinematic Approaches and Screw Algebra of Mechanisms and Robotics. He is Founder of the prestigious conference series IEEE/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (IEEE ReMAR) and organizer of a series of conferences, workshops and symposia with major scientific impact.


Professor Dai has graduated over 40 PhD students who are now faculty members of world-leading universities in the UK, Australia, US, Mexico, Italy and China, and affiliated with prestigious cooperative, and becoming successful entrepreneurs for several high-tech companies. He is co-founder and advisor of several high-tech companies.