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Are you interested in robotics technology or patient care?  AiTreat is rapidly growing and we'd love to have you! We are looking for motivated and talented individuals in various fields of study, so do take a look at the available job openings to see if they're suited for you!

Currently hiring: 

1. Mechatronics Engineer (Full-time, Singapore)

Job scope: 

  • Design embedded system and achieve active force control of intelligent massage end-effector to imitating different human massage techniques 

  • Design and Implement multiple sensing system for human-body condition assessment 

  • Systematically test, debug and evaluate experimental test results 

  • Improve product performances according to customer and user feedbacks, and 

  • deliver product-ready system 

  • Documentation of technical reports, product manuals, and file patents 


  • M.S. or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE, ME or related fields 

  • Strong interest in robotics, mechatronics biomechanical engineering 

  • A background in Mechatronic Engineering, Embedded system, electric and electronics 

  • or closely related 

  • Must have hands-on experience or participation in hardware projects, i.e. design and 

  • or control of actuator systems i.e. brushless motors, actuator design, real-time 

  • systems, sensor design, and fusion, firmware implementation, sensor networks, 

  • control and communication networks, power systems

2. Software Engineer (Full-time, Singapore)

Job scope:

  • Develop robust and deliverable software in ROS that integrates 3D vision, robot arm 

  • motion planning, and active message end-effector control algorithms 

  • Develop motion planning algorithms for imitating different massage techniques 

  • Develop a user-friendly interface according to customers’ requirements 

  • Product software integration, debugging, configuring and testing 

  • Documentation of technical reports, program codes and product manuals 


  • M.S. or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE, ME or related fields 

  • Strong interest in robotics, human-robot interaction, and biomechanics 

  • Experience in one or more areas: mechatronics, robotics control, software system integration and testing 

  • Proficiency in Programming using C++, Python and experience with Linux 

  • Knowledge and experience in ROS and packages such as Moveit, PCL, and OpenCV 

3. Robot Control Engineer (Full-time, Singapore/Chongqing or Shenzhen, China*)

Job Scope:

  • Research and development impedance control (position and force control) and motion planning algorithms for lightweight robotic arm (Collaborative robot)

  • Motor motion control system development and debugging, software development for the embedded system, control parameters optimization

  • Collaborating with other software engineers or scientist to develop and debug the whole massage robotic control system

  • Collaborating with other engineers to produce detailed technical documents, reports, patents, interface and protocols coding

  • Product experiment tests design and documentation, carry out experimental tests to make sure our products are compliant to relevant standards.

  • Communicate with the engineers and other colleagues to solve technical challenges in the lab and on-site


  • ​2 to 3 years working experiences in control engineering, preferred with robot control system and real product development experiences

  • Proficiency in programming using C, C++, Python and capable of writing API functions and interfaces

  • Familiar with classical control theory, able to design and develop feedback loop motion control system and performances evaluation, familiar with classical PID controller and parameters tuning the process.

  • Knowledge and experience in ROS and familiar with commonly used packages such as Moveit, PCL, and OpenCV.

  • Knowledge of robotics, familiar with kinematics and dynamics, motion control and trajectory planning

  • Interested in robotic system developments, strong self-learning capability, good team collaboration and communication capability

  • Passion for working and capable to take responsibility in a fast-moving high tech startup

Interested parties do send your CVs to or

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