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For Athletes

This version of EMMA has been designed to target the muscle systems used for sports, aimed at improving conditioning and performance of a sportsperson. 


Sports massage is usually done before, during or after sports events to aid the athlete in their improving their conditioning and performance. This procedure can also help in promoting flexibility, increasing recovery speed and maintaining optimal body condition of the athlete.

why emma



Studies have found that massage therapy is effective in boosting the immune system and reducing muscle tension, pain, and delayed onset muscle soreness.  Hence, you are able to maintain peak health, improve conditioning and increase rate of recovery, which all builds up on your performance as an athlete. EMMA is designed to provide massage therapy efficiently while providing greater consistency in treatment procedures. EMMA is also able to tailor its treatment to suit your needs, thus providing you with specialized treatment with increased effectiveness.

Government Sports Council

The robot can aid in increasing recovery speed and maintaining optimal body condition of the athletes. This allows for the individual and team to achieve peak performance while simultaneously cutting down on manpower needed for massage therapy and consequently, the budget for healthcare fees.


With EMMA’s state-of-the-art technology, we are able to customize treatment for each and every athlete on the team according to each athlete’s existing condition and past medical records. This will allow you, as the coach, to provide more effective treatment and care to every member on your team.

Team Physicians

EMMA can work simultaneously with the physician to provide more efficient treatment. While EMMA works on one patient, you are able to work on other parts of the patient’s body or perform therapy on another patient at the same time. As massage is a physically strenuous procedure, EMMA is able to help you conserve energy, allowing you to treat twice the number of patients at half the effort. With EMMA, you are able to concentrate your efforts on diagnosis and other aspects of the treatment procedure to provide holistic care for your patients.

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