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What do we do?
Better healthcare, lower costs

AiTreat is a high-tech startup HQ in Singapore founded in 2015. At AiTreat, we are passionate about developing cutting-edge healthcare technology to improve the lives of the people.


By creating a robotic system for soft tissue therapeutic treatment, we hope to tackle the shortage of skilled massage therapists while at the same time providing world-class healthcare treatment and lowering costs for the people. 

Our company's technological advantage lies within our team, comprising of medical and robotic experts, and support from our partner universities and research institutions. Our experts are well-equipped with years of experience in their clinical and industrial fields respectively. Consequently, our physicians are familiar with robotic technology and our engineers understand treatment methodologies in healthcare and hospital needs. Our team collects and analyzes large amounts of critical data, which allows us to create a robotic treatment system that stores medical information using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This data is used to create an AI algorithm which will aid physicians in designing a specific treatment that is suitable for each unique condition a patient faces.

  • Recipient of ACE Grant from SPRING Singapore (2015)

  • Graduate of TagPass Accelerator Program from BASH by SGinnovate of IDA (2016)

  • Winner of Microsoft Developer Day Startup Competition (2016)

  • Graduate of Microsoft (Singapore) Accelerator Program (2016)

  • Graduate of NUS Lean Launchpad Program (2016)

  • Winner of 'Best Product/Application Design Award' at Shanghai International Start-up Competition (2016)

  • Recipient of StartupSG Tech Grant from Enterprise Singapore (2017)

  • Completed 3 rounds of fundraising: 

    • ​Last round of investments from Brain Robotics Capital LP (Prestigious US VC) , TASLY (600535.SH), OGAWA (002614.SZ)  ​
Our Mission

To research, develop, and provide world class robotic systems for every physician to benefit human welfare.

Our Partnerships

King's College London

Nanyang Technological University

National University of Singapore

Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

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