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Introducing EMMA 7 Pro


Revolutionising the chiropractic Business: Profitability Meets Precision.

Besides being used for general wellness, sports and medical treatment, EMMA can also be customised to suit your needs, such as chiropractic and high-end massage

Meet the EMMA 7 Pro

The EMMA 7 Pro is an evolution in chiropractic care, blending tried-and-true traditional massage techniques with groundbreaking robotic technology. This unique combination ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care possible, and that chiropractors can offer an unparalleled level of precision and consistency in their treatments.


With the EMMA 7 Pro, practitioners can provide their patients with an experience that's not just different, but distinctly superior.

Make your practice a benchmark for innovation, efficiency, and extraordinary therapeutic results.


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Features & Benefits

From its precision and repeatability, to its easy-to-use interface and AI system, find out why the EMMA 7 Pro is the future of chiropractic care.

Precision-Driven Relaxation

EMMA 7 Pro employs medically approved massage techniques for soft tissue relaxation, setting the stage for precise chiropractic adjustments.

Human-like Touch, Robotic Precision

Our seven-axis force-controlled robotic arm mimics the touch of a human, offering a massage experience like no other.

User-Friendly Interface

Our custom operating system ensures effortless control, data analysis, and equipment monitoring.

Advanced Computer Vision

Rapid scanning, accurate measurements, and real-time data analysis work in harmony to produce a truly custom massage experience.

Innovative Intelligence

Combining visual and force feedback data points, an optimized massage path is created that ensures client comfort.

Efficient Setup

Lightweight and portable, the Emma 7 Pro can be transported easily and fully setup within hours.



Easy to Understand, Effortless to Use

Therapy Team Enhanced by EMMA

EMMA 7 represents a breakthrough in both technical massage performance and user-friendliness. Operators can be trained in mere hours, rather than days or weeks, allowing your practice to consistently deliver gold-standard massages.

User friendly interface:

Thanks to its intuitive user interface and artificial intelligence, operating the EMMA 7 is as simple as using a standard touchscreen phone or tablet.

With personalized training sessions available and a comprehensive certification process in place, you can be confident that your clients are always in safe hands.


Improve both your quality of care and business efficiency with a solution that allows you to:
  • Address Staffing Challenges

  • Differentiate Your Practice

  • Reduce Employee Workload

  • Enhance the Journey of Care

  • Elevate the Patient Experience

  • Futureproof Your Business

The EMMA 7 Pro enables you to do less and achieve more.

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